Stranger Support

An online community meant to support and give support.

Status: Active; ongoing experiment.

We are all connected and it’s just natural to support one another, especially strangers.

The Pandemic hit the world hard, and many found themselves unproductive, stuck, depressed, or even suicidal. The despairing crisis made me more sensitive to people’s emotional needs. 

Around February of this year, I started to observe people more, specifically on how they behave on various social media platforms. I started conversing more with random web strangers over Reddit and saw a pattern and disconnections—a pattern of disconnections so to speak. 

From the conversations I had and from my own introspection, I saw the lack of genuine emotional support generally. With this, and the aim to help, I made Stranger Support. We are currently on Discord. I programmed Stranger Support to be more inclusive in anticipation of hyper diversity. The system is simple. You join for mutual support whether it’s your nagging tasks, frustrating job hunting, getting started, etc. Everything is voluntary, so it just grew organically. There are currently 56 people on the server. And for three months straight, the community was very active, and people claimed to benefit from it. However, the consistency of involvement varies.

My aim now is to gather more data and to further analyze them and bring Stranger Support to a breakthrough app that will help more people. 

Join the Stranger Support Discord Server here.