Gahom Mentorship is a non-profit mentoring program that strives to train the next generation of designers and leaders. I believe that designers should have a strong sense of leadership because they have a big role to play in ensuring a sustainable environment and a thriving community.

Gahom strongly adheres to DAVA’s core values: Design-Nature, Optimism, Empathy-Excellence, and Resilience. Our Philosophy is rooted from the belief that every being is innately good and design is a natural trait that must simply be activated and empowered.

To simply put it, we strive to “Empower to Empower.”

Gahom Mentorship is a six-month program with lectures and workshops from the best practitioners in the country held every 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. The main courses of Gahom training are Communication, Leadership, and Design.

The Gahom 21-22 Scholars are composed of 18 diverse young aspiring architects. The 18 Scholars were meticulously selected based on the Gahom core values through a series of written and oral screenings.

Reporting from the finished sessions

Note: More data will be reported later as the mentorship is still ongoing.