Creative City Center: San Pedro Street Urban Revitalization

This project is originally a Thesis Proposal submitted by Cabales to the College of Engineering and Architecture, Ateneo de Davao University, Thesis 2015, Volume 13

Location: San Pedro Street, Davao City
Status: Conceptual 

Statement of the Problem

Over time, cities go through transitions and while other parts experience growth, others experience decline and become obsolete. Urban decline is like a disease in the sense that if not treated well, may lead to inefficiency, deterioration, and possibly decay. These sentiments confront the treasured San Pedro Street. 

Throughout the years, San Pedro Street experienced many changes that were both good and bad. Through observation, site inspection, analysis, and consultations, issues and conflicts were revealed.

The growing dilemmas of historic city centers, if not suitably addressed, could lead to a devastating loss. This study aims to answer the following:

What are the factors that brought San Pedro Street to decline? 

What are the prevalent problems within San Pedro Street? 

How can the historical and cultural values of San Pedro Street be preserved? 

The following boards show the urban design recommendations for San Pedro Street.

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