Everything around and about us is an intricate design. Design is a constant in life because design is life.

I genuinely believe we are naturally born creatives and designers. The only real task is to make sense of this intrinsic value that I call our ‘design-nature’. I believe this is also the key to reaching our fullest potential. My greatest dream is to share this to the world and see for myself that we become a race of awakened designers.

Hello there beautiful, I’m Nana!

I’m a Davaoeña with Bagobo ethnicity. And I’m a professional architect. But long before that, I was already a certified storyteller. Our stories are powerful and each of them is an intricate design. An excellent design—especially in architecture—is a powerful form of storytelling.

There is a story behind every design. What’s even more special though is that we make our own stories about them too. Those stories make our design experiences more meaningful.

So now, I happily identify as a Designer-Storyteller!

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DAVA is a derivative of Davao’s old name. It is derived from the Bagobos who are indigenous to the Philippines. The word Davao is from the phonetic combination of the old names of Davao River (a major waterway that passes through the city and drains into the Davao Gulf) coined by the three Bagobo subgroups. The Clata called it Dawaw; the Tagabawas called it Dabo; and the Obos called the river Davah. To the Obos, Davah also means “a place beyond the high ground”.

As a placemaker, educator, and design leader, I strive to be a catalyst of going beyond the higher ground. I work passionately to inspire and empower people to become awakened designers who will challenge the status quo, set goals higher than the next, and create solutions more innovative than ever.

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